Native Landscape

V Design Studio believes strongly in a contemporary and contextual design approach which is relevant to the current day and age. It is important to recognize that we are a landscape design practice in the Middle East where we face harsh climatic conditions for a large part of the year. We like to encourage use of xeriscapes and dry gardens. In addition, careful selection of materials and colors for hard finishes and planting materials are central to our design. When our clients search for greener landscapes, we work with our horticultural team to specify appropriate species which are suitable for the local climate without compromising the desired aesthetics. The art of place making is the core of our design approach at V Design Studio.

Biophyllic Interior Design

The connection between nature and the Outside-in design approach is a strong driving force in most of our interior design creations. The quality of lighting, use of natural materials to the extent possible and creating that connection with nature while improving wellbeing, health and productivity is our forte. We are constantly searching for a unique aesthetic that explores the beauty of any material or finish in its raw or natural form. At V Design Studio we do not hesitate to embrace the imperfection or the incompleteness of life and design
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